Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Drop Cloth Dining Room Curtains

I should change my blog name to "My Pinterest Inspired Life".  I absolutely LOVE pinterest.  It's like an on-line free magazine, with pictures and no ads.  I finally broke down and joined so I could keep up with all the pics and links I'm in love with.

If you search Drop Cloth on Pinterest you'll find scads of ideas, including curtains, upholstered headboards, upholstered furniture, pillows, and much more. 

The ceiling height in my dining room is 10 feet and the window is about 8 feet at the top so I needed long curtains.  After pricing the ones I liked, I realized it would cost a fortune to buy curtains/drapes.  I thought about buying fabric using a coupon, but that still would have been expensive, as I would have to buy the curtain fabric as well as a liner.  I found my solution on Pinterest - Drop Cloth Curtains!

I went to Harbor Freight and looked at their drop clothes first, but they were a funky color that I didn't like.  I then went to Lowes and they were perfect!  A light muslin color that works perfectly with my paint color (Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki).  They are 100% cotton, come hemmed on all sides, and cost about $10 each.  They're very heavy weight so they didn't need to be lined.  Since they did have a slight industrial (kerosene type) smell, I washed them first, then ironed them while damp.  They do have more than one size, but I got the 6x9, which was perfect for my window.

Marc installed the curtain rod and I used clip rings to attach the curtains.  Instead of hemming the excess length, I simply folded over the excess at the top and clipped it and it was done!  I used a scrap of the kitchen window fabric to make tie backs. 

This was the quickest and possibly cheapest project I think I've ever completed. 

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  1. Tracy, I have been enjoying your posts. They make me feel like I should "do" some things to my house too. Very encouraging posts!