Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Christmas Present to ME

I've been wanting a soup tureen to match my Johnson Brother's Friendly Village dishes. I have an automatic search set up on Ebay to notify me when new ones go up for auction, but the auctions always went up beyond what I was willing to pay, especially since it's not a necessity, and how often will I really use it anyway??

So, during the Christmas holidays I bid on one that was pretty reasonable and I won it - for $35!! New and unused in perfect condition!

I also bid on a demitasse cup and saucer set (for Rylan) which I didn't win.

I have been looking for Cream Soup bowls, which are hard to find outside of the UK. The biggest problem is that I want to get them for a really good price. I also want a pitcher and a butter dish. Not the modern style butter dish but the Round one - again expensive and rare...

Part of the fun of collecting is finding the really old pieces in good condition and for a really good price. I've really had fun building my collection.
You can see other pieces I've collected in this picture. I hunted far and wide to find this Welsh Cupboard (found it on Craigslist). The classic English fretwork on top matches my kitchen cabinets. If I EVER get the drawer pulls on the drawers in the kitchen I'll post pics of it....

Sweet Journey

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Little Journey finally arrived, at 10:25 on Wednesday, December 9, 2009. Here are a few pictures of her getting ready to leave the hospital to go home.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Waiting on Journey

Stephanie went into the hospital Sunday at noon. After an afternoon & night of various medications, she was dilated to almost 2 cm. She had a cough when she went in which kept getting worse, so the nurse did a flu test, which came back positive. The dr. decided to wait on the induction until she was feeling better (100 degree fever and labor - bad combination). She is still in the hospital, the dr. wants to keep her and watch her until tomorrow. If she is not dilated any further she will go home to rest and go back to the hospital Thursday or Friday. If she is dilated to 3 cm the dr. will reevaluate what to do...