Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Christmas Present to ME

I've been wanting a soup tureen to match my Johnson Brother's Friendly Village dishes. I have an automatic search set up on Ebay to notify me when new ones go up for auction, but the auctions always went up beyond what I was willing to pay, especially since it's not a necessity, and how often will I really use it anyway??

So, during the Christmas holidays I bid on one that was pretty reasonable and I won it - for $35!! New and unused in perfect condition!

I also bid on a demitasse cup and saucer set (for Rylan) which I didn't win.

I have been looking for Cream Soup bowls, which are hard to find outside of the UK. The biggest problem is that I want to get them for a really good price. I also want a pitcher and a butter dish. Not the modern style butter dish but the Round one - again expensive and rare...

Part of the fun of collecting is finding the really old pieces in good condition and for a really good price. I've really had fun building my collection.
You can see other pieces I've collected in this picture. I hunted far and wide to find this Welsh Cupboard (found it on Craigslist). The classic English fretwork on top matches my kitchen cabinets. If I EVER get the drawer pulls on the drawers in the kitchen I'll post pics of it....

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  1. I love your Welsh Cupboard. It is beautiful!! And your dishes look great in it.