Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catching Up

So.... since the last time I was on this blog a lot has happened. 

We have a new grand daughter - Willow Gray.  She was born perfectly healthy, very tiny, sweet and with a head full of black hair.  Journey is a great big sister.  She's taken to calling Willow "Sissy".  It's SO cute.  She didn't like being separated from her Mommy and Daddy while Mommy was in the hospital though. 

Another big change: we sold our property and moved.  A lot of reasons went into making this decision, too much to write down in this post but I'll share more in the future.  In some ways it was sad to leave the property.  It was a beautiful piece of property and very private.  We could only see two houses from our house and they were quite a ways away.  But going to a brand new home where I don't have to do any painting or trim work or anything related to the construction process was very nice.  Also, this house is completely mortgage free - that is really a blessing.  So there are trade offs.  We know that someday we'll move back to the country but for now I'm enjoying this new chapter in our lives.
The new house is, well, new and modern, nothing like the last house.  I secretly like it better (don't tell Marc...).  We had to sell a LOT of stuff in order to move and we don't have it all here yet - some of the stuff that was in the shed is temporarily stored in a warehouse.  We had a lot of farm stuff, including a tractor and a lot more furniture than we have now.  It's a completely different lifestyle. 

I was pretty busy moving, then I fell and bruised my ribs and then Willow was born, and blogging fell by the wayside.  Then it seemed like too big a chore to post anything cause I felt like I had to explain where we've gone, why we moved, and it was easier not to.  But I have lots of things I want to add, so I had to get this post out of the way before I could move on.

I have a bigger sewing room which I am having fun setting up.  Instead of built in work surfaces I bought some furniture off of Craigslist and have been painting it.  I'll post pics before too long.

Marc never wanted window treatments in the last house because we had all that expensive wood work that he wanted to see, but in this house, I have been having fun designing and sewing window treatments, along with a custom shower curtain.  OH - and an upholstered headboard! I'll post pics of those soon too.

I've decorated the house for fall and I'll post some pics of my fall projects.  I've also been busy making baby clothes and I'll post pics of those too.  And now that I'm closer to shopping, I've been able to do more "stockpiling" so I'll share about that too.

Stay tuned.

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