Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Burlap - It's Not for Everyone

I've seen lots of cute burlap projects on Pinterest but the truth is, who wants to recline on a scratchy burlap pillow?? Or eat dinner on a burlap table runner that smells like kerosene??

I made a fitted burlap table cloth for a work table that we used at farmers markets, and it served its purpose and looked homespun, but I certainly wouldn't want it in my house. I've tried washing it, and while that does get rid of the smell, it loses its body and ravels. 

Now that I have a round table all the table runners I made don't really work, so I wanted to make something new. I really like the look of burlap but just can't live with it.  Maybe there's a source of non-stinky, non ravelling burlap I haven't yet found, if so, somebody please let me know before the burlap craze ends so I can get in on it. 

Meanwhile, I found a table runner on Pinterest that had the homespun look that burlap gave, but was made with some other fabric.  It was a simple rectangle with a ruffle at each end. I duplicated this look using Osnaburg fabric, which really works for the home spun feel. I made two runners to cross in the center.  Osnaburg, according to Wikipedia, is "a kind of coarse, heavy linen or cotton used for such items as furnishings and sacks".  I've used it for kitchen towels also.  It's found in the muslin or utility fabric section at JoAnn's.  This picture shows just one runner.  Two seems like too much.  

I made this centerpiece using mostly stuff I already had. The rest of it came from Goodwill. All of the stuff I bought was brand new, still in the package, for a fraction of the price of new. I got a fall garland ($2.99), some fake pumpkins ($2.99), the wrought iron candle holder ($2.99) and the little LED votive candles ($1 each). This centerpiece idea came from YouTube. I wish I could remember the source - she had a lot of really great decorating ideas. In this case she recommended using a tray or platter so that you can easily pick up and move the whole centerpiece if you need the space for meals. I used the turkey platter that Liz made for me and started adding stuff from there.  I started by coiling up the garland to fit the platter, then put the large pumpkin on an inverted bowl covered with a scrap of fabric to raise it up just a little, added the candle holder, LED candles and tucked in pumpkins, large acorns, and extra leaves here and there.

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