Monday, September 24, 2012

Chevron Pumpkin Play Clothes

Chevron print and Peasant Dresses are "in" right now.  I made a Peasant style tunic top and capri pants for Journey and a pillowcase dress for Willow.  The applique pattern has ric-rac included in the design. While it turned out ok, I haven't included a link and wouldn't recommend this particular design, as it didn't stitch out perfectly.  The one on the left is 6x10 size and the one on the right is 4x4 size. I added the bow after the applique was complete.  

The pattern for the peasant top called for casings with elastic inserted at the neck, sleeves, and waist.  I used elastic thread and shirred the sleeves and waist.  It looks and works so much better for a child.  The casing and elastic just added too much bulk.  Also, the pattern did not call for a "ruffle" at the sleeves and neck.  I used a rolled hem on the serger on the raw edge.  At the neck instead of folding over the seam allowance to form a casing I used bias tape stitched on the fold line.  This left the seam allowance to hem to produce the ruffle, which I really like better. 

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