Thursday, November 27, 2008

Master Bath

Here are some pics of the master bathroom. As with the rest of the house all the hardware is oil-rubbed bronze, which as it turns out is really easy to keep clean. The vanity is a little higher than standard bathroom vanities. The tile on the counter matches the tile in the shower but is 6" square. The tile in the shower is 9"x12". The tile on the floor is the same pattern but a darker shade, and the squares are 18". There's a tile medallion in the center of the floor, pictured here. The crosses are hanging on the wall opposite the vanity and reflected in the mirror. To the right of the vanity is a linen cabinet. The paint is the same paint used on all the doors in the house. All of the window and door trim and baseboards is natural aspen.

We have just a little bit of touch-up painting to do but other than that the bathrrom is done.

This is the tile medallion in the center of the floor. It's made of several different shades of stone in rectangles, squares, etc. and matches the tile perfectly.

You can't see it in the picture, but there are two recessed niches in the shower tall enough for shampoo, etc. The shower head is 8" so it makes a really nice wide "rain shower". We also have a hand-held shower which makes cleaning the shower much easier.

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