Friday, November 28, 2008

The Great Room

The "Great Room" as some people call it is one big room - 30' deep and about 20' wide. The fireplace is in the middle of the west wall.

This first pic shows the living area from the loft.

You can get a good idea of what the floors look like from this pic. We stained the floors ourselves and it was SO hard. I only wish we'd had the time to practice and finish one room before doing the whole house. We see some flaws but others don't and we get a lot of compliments. We applied a mop-on wax after the floors were done. That wax protects the floor and we are supposed to reapply it every six months or so. The floor feels great under foot. It's easy to keep up with - just sweep and mop occasionally.

This pic shows the dining area. You can see a side view of the fireplace. You can also see part of one of the ceiling beams. There are three of them - ponderosa pine with a natural finish.

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