Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Bedroom was the first room completed

The bedroom was the first room that was completed in the house. We were able to move out of the camper and 364 days after moving into it. While the shower wasn't done and we still had to take showers in the camper, at least we were able to sleep in a king size bed. There was so much construction still going on in the rest of the house we had to keep the door closed to keep out the dust.

Here are some pics of the bedroom. This first pic shows the hallway that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom. The two doors on the left are the closet.

You can see the way the walls were glazed. The color is dark brown over ivory. In the future we may want to add another glaze color over it. I'm not 100% happy with the color.

We haven't done anything to the closet yet - we plan to put in built-in closet organizers which will really make the most of the space.

We haven't put up blinds yet. Out here in the country we don't really need them but will still do it in the near future. We put up temporary (I call them "construction blinds") shades on the front two windows when we still had workers coming to the house. I plan to put up window "scarves" on decorative hardware in the future too. Other than the window treatments the bedroom is done.

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