Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Woo-Hoo! My First Pattern is Finished!

Over a year ago I designed a Clothespin Bag because I couldn't find one in stores and I really enjoyed line drying my laundry.  I did find a pattern, but it was way too expensive for my tastes.  I thought about what would work best for me and designed my Clothespin Bag.  I decided I would make one for sisters Dana and Mary since they line dry laundry occasionally as well.  I used some fabric given to me by my friend Mary as she was de-stashing.  It was  a heavy blue and white plaid twill.  I used red foldover braid to encase the raw edges.  They turned out really nice. 

I knew that if I had found a need, others probably had as well.  So I decided to write up a pattern for my Clothespin Bag. 

My sister Kathy tested it out for me and will be posting pictures on her blog soon.

I have listed it for sale HERE on Etsy.  It's a PDF file which can be printed at home.  I LOVE paper patterns, but I'm not planning to go into the business of printing patterns, that's for sure.  There are some other patterns on Etsy, but in my opinion are just too expensive.  I mean you're line drying your laundry to save money right?

Here's a pic of two of the finished items I made up to take pics while I prepared the pattern:

The red one is made from a vintage tablecloth, with the foldover red braid and (hard to see in this pic) red gingham lining.  The other is pink twill (again donated by my friend Mary)  and features Ric Rac trim and an applique made from a vintage embroidered pillowcase. 

The name Caroline's Cottage is a company name I came up with about 13 years ago.  I wanted something homey sounding and Caroline is my middle daughter's name.  I made and sold candles back then.  Unfortunately the name is not available on Etsy (I'm a relative newcomer to the Etsy scene).

I have another pattern in the works which I will finish sometime after the holidays.  It's a children's skirt and top, which unbelievably I searched for on the internet to buy, and couldn't find so I had to design it myself.  Stay tuned for that one - I'll need test sewers for that one too!


  1. It's a great pattern that just calls out for vintage linens to be used! Kathy