Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Update to my Ground Beef Post

If you need any additional reasons to grind your own ground beef . . . .

The other day we were going to be taking pictures in the bluebonnets right at dinner time and I needed something really fast for dinner so I thought I would make sloppy joes & french fries.  Rylan and I went to the super Wal Mart for a few things.  I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and get groceries and the other things I needed in one place.  I don't like Wal Mart super centers.  The stuff is in a lot of odd places (designed to keep you circling, picking up more items I'm sure) so I can never find what I want.  Also, they only offer what they get a good price on, so I can't always find what I want.  I read that they use some sort of gas in their meat trays to make the meats stay red longer. I try to avoid wal mart really.  But in the interest of saving time, I went there.

I got all the stuff I needed, then rounded the bend to the meat section.  I found some ground beef that was only 4% fat.  It said it was " Natural* "  Why the asterisk??  I turned the pkg. over and it said it was "ground beef with natural flavorings".  I ask you - why do you add "flavorings" to meat???  To top it off, this meat was a product of - USA, Canada AND Mexico!!! 

When I grind beef, I use one CUT (like a sirloin roast), from ONE COW.  This meat from Wal Mart could possibly have come from three different COUNTRIES, and who knows how many different animals.  Gross!!!  Needless to say, I put it back and left!

It's really sad that so many consumers are like cows lining up for slaughter.  They think they're getting the best price and they head to the largest store with the largest advertising budget.  They blindly throw stuff in their shopping baskets and head for the door.  It reminds me of that 70's movie - Soylent Green!


  1. Not to mention the "pink slime" YIKES I don't understand how consumer's can just accept this

  2. I had the exact same experience with meat - at a locally owned grocery store. I did not buy it, either. IF I should need ground beef, I get it from whole foods. They grind it in the store from meat that is grass-fed and purchased locally and is from ONE cut of meat, also. I don't shop at Walmart - I think it's been instrumental in killing local businesses and only encouraging production of items in China. I could go on and on...but I won't.

    How is YOUR weather - it's snowing right now as I look out my window. I hate it. Kathy