Friday, December 23, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung . . .

My Grandma Gray made a felt stocking for me when I was litle. I still have it, but it has a few moth holes, which tells me she made it with wool felt. She also made tree skirts, door knob hangers, and tablecloths, all from felt. She made a table cloth which was essentially red net with appliques out of felt. I think Dana has that. One of these days I would like to copy it. Grandma Gray also made my mother's tree skirt (I'm not sure who has it now) and one for me when Elizabeth was a baby. She appliqued a baby on it and embroidered Elizabeth or Liz, I can't remember now - I gave the tree skirt to Liz.

My mom made Elizabeth's stocking when she was little too. And Liz made one for Rylan. Rylan didn't need another one, but I had some stocking stuffers for her and it's just not the same without a stocking. So before I mailed her Christmas gifts, I made this one with the embroidery machine. I used a water soluble pen and traced the stocking shape on red felt, but didn't cut it out. I had to hoop the felt twice to get all of the snowflakes on this full size stocking. After embroidering, I cut out the stocking shape, front and back. I embroidered the name on white felt, then made the scalloped edge on the sewing machine freehand. I then stitched it all together. It was very fast and easy.

While my mother made Elizabeth's stocking, I bought a knitted stocking for Caroline when she was little and made one for Stephanie using a pre-printed, pre-quilted stocking panel (26 years ago...). Caroline contends that because it's store-bought, she never had a proper stocking. So, about 10 or more years ago, I bought a felt stocking kit to make for her. Looking back, I realize that I must have bought THE most complicated design they had. Every year I think I will get it done and Caroline gives me a hard time when it's not . . . but this year - I finished it!!

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  1. Wow - I love all your creative Christmas crafts! I have a felt Christmas tree skirt that Grandma Gray made. I thought she made it for me, but maybe it was Mom's? I'll have to look for old photos. I have some felt/sequin ornaments Grandma made, too. The Christmas card I sent you was hand printed by Jennie and her boyfriend Matt in Portland! We are a crafty family. Kathy