Sunday, June 13, 2010

Journey's Baptism

Sweet little Journey was baptized today at the First Presbyterian Church.

Mommy & Daddy celebrated their 6th anniversary yesterday. They were married in the same church. Journey's dress is made out of Mommy's wedding dress (which I'll describe in another post).

Journey's Godparents, Evin & Jason Coad, came all the way from Georgia with their little boy, RJ.

Mrs. Paiyou made a cake for Journey. The first layer is Italian Cream Cake. The top layer (the cross) is Vanilla with Raspberry filling.

Aunt Caroline made all the food, including a beautiful watermelon cut in the shape of a basket, fillled with fruit salad.

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  1. The baby is beautiful and the dress is amazing. Love the bonnet!! I so wish I could have been there with you all. I was thinking about you all day!