Monday, May 24, 2010

Journey Chillaxin'

After Mommy, Grandma and Aunt Mary did a "photo shoot" for the Country Peddler Show showcasing the baby accessories that Grandma and Mommy are making, Journey decided to take her first swim!
Journey likes the cool water!

Chillaxin' during the Photo Shoot


  1. She looks like a happy little girl!

    You left the rest of the story out! what were you guys doing?

  2. Stephanie and I have started a new venture - we're making things to make new mother's lives easier - like pacifier clips, nursing covers, nursing pads, burp cloths, diaper bags, and more and plan to sell them at craft shows. We needed to submit pictures of our work because the show we're most interested in is juried. So Mary helped us set up a mock booth to showcase our wares. Mary sells jewelry (some handmade and some she resells) in craft shows and if we get accepted we'll be able to go together.