Monday, May 17, 2010

ADHD and Pesticide Use

A study published today in the Journal of Pediatrics found that one type of pesticide commonly used on fruits and vegetables may be a contributing to ADHD in children. Exposure of children in early life to these pesticides can cause brain injury. The study says that even tiny amounts of pesticides effect children's brain chemistry. The researchers claim the chemicals can have harmful effects on development, including behavioral problems and the ability to think and communicate. Some experts recommend buying organic foods whenever possible.


Homegrown Cucumbers & Bell Peppers -
All Organic!

Everyday I pass a field which was recently plowed and planted with watermelons. These plants are vigorous and growing really fast, much faster than the watermelon plants on our farm. There are absolutely NO weeds in that field either. The topsoil blows away every time the wind blows.

Homegrown Spring Mix (No E-Coli here!)

It would be really easy for us to apply chemical fertilizers to grow our fruits and vegetables faster, to spray pesticides to eliminate bugs and herbicides to eliminate weeds. But those are not sustainable options. We're slowing building our soil health through natural fertilizers and cover crops. Some of our produce is attacked by bugs and that's just a fact of nature. We work extra hard to keep the weeds at bay. All of these factors can effect the price of organic foods.

Yellow Squash

Why go to this extra effort? Because my sweet little granddaugther is eating the food we produce. We want the healthiest, freshest food possible and organic is the best way to do this. We never have to worry about whether pesticides were used on our foods or if the lettuce or spinach will cause E coli. We want to know where our food comes from.

Marc and organic carrots
Journey likes Grandpa's carrots!


  1. love the pictures ! Great article also. I mean to me it is really a "no brainer"

  2. Yes, I agree - it's a no-brainer. I envy you (and Dana) your huge gardens/farms! But, at least I support my local farmer's market by purchasing from them. Kathy