Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visitors to the Farm

Twice now we've had a flock (or whatever you call a group of turkeys) come to visit. They appear to be wild turkeys, but they are very tame so I suspect that they belong to a neighbor. The flock consists of a male and three hens. The first time I saw them I heard the rooster and ducks making quite a bit of noise and when I went to see what had upset them I saw several large birds that at first glance resembled buzzards. I realized they were turkeys when I heard the male gobble. The three hens were right next to the electric fence eyeing the scratch grain Marc puts out for the chickens and ducks. The male had somehow managed to get stuck in the adjacent pasture and couldn't figure out how to get through the fence so he was pacing back and forth gobbling and ruffling out his feathers.

The second time I saw them they came across the field from the adjacent woods and headed straight for the garden. I thought - great, they're going to eat all the plants. But instead they headed for the chicken pen, again eyeing the grain. We ran outside to snap some pics and Marc threw them some grain, which they enjoyed.

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  1. HI Tracy, I have been enjoying all your farm posts!!