Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Perfect Day

For those of you UP NORTH... the temp was in the mid- 70's today! I wore flip flops outside! I managed to get a lot done:
  • laundry (all of it!)
  • clean the kitchen
  • organize the laundry closet (yes, I know it's not terribly exciting but it needed doing and I can get more STUFF in there now)
  • sewing
  • pruned all the fruit trees, crepe myrtles and other assorted trees
  • Marc tilled up a flower bed around a crepe myrtle and we planted some daffodils, daylillies and irises that we've had in pots for THREE YEARS in the new bed and around the well house
  • enjoyed the sunshine (right now I'm sitting in a rocker on the front porch looking out over the pond enjoying the sound of the birds)

When we sold the house in town we potted up some plants that I had in the yard. It never dawned on me that three years later the flowering plants would still be in the pots. What's really cool is most of those plants were in the yard when I bought that house, but had been neglected for so long they had pretty much quit blooming. I divided them and moved them and they took off. The irises were salvaged from some trash bags that someone had set out for collection after digging up flower beds in their yard. One man's trash is another's treasure.

I haven't had flowers in so long - I am really excited about that. I loved having roses and other flowers in the yard. I vowed that I wouldn't plant anything until I had my picket fence. Marc says he's going to tackle it soon....

Meanwhile, the trees are budding out. The fruit trees will have blooms soon and the bees will be buzzing. If we don't get another freeze, I may have some apricots!

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  1. I can't decide if you're consciously taunting me (living in Northeast Ohio) or not!!! We DID have a heat wave - it's supposed to be close to 40 tomorrow. K