Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Duck Update

The ducks were taking turns getting in the water bucket trying to swim around so Marc put a small cat little box bottom in the pen. Here they are taking turns getting in the water.
We put a bucket in the pen for extra drinking water but they kept getting in the bucket so we got a small kiddie pool It took them a better part of the day to get over their fear of the new pool. In this pic if you click on it to enlarge, you can see one duck in the bucket - it looks like an easter basket. They are amusing, but smelly loud things. I had no idea ducks traveled in a pack and are scared of everything. One squawks and the others join in and then they start running. It's hilarious. We feed & water them one or two times a day and yet they are scared to death of us. We got more electric fencing so they can wander around during the day eating grass & bugs without coming into contact with the fence - unless they decide to nibble on it. This morning before leaving for work a cow bellowed and it scared the ducks and they RAN into their house. It was so funny.

The chickens are much friendlier and definitely calmer. Pics of them coming soon...


  1. OMGosh!!! I can't believe those ducks are sooo huge!!!Have you got the freezer ready?

  2. Believe me, the freezer is ready and so am I. I am going to get a Seal a Meal type thing, supposedly those keep frozen foods fresh longer. I'll have to take a few pics to post. Caroline will be here to help.