Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pig in a Poke (or Hogzilla Jr)

We've had a lot of wild hogs on our place lately. They root around and create ruts. Last year the man who cuts hay for us broke something on his tractor when he ran through some ruts. We set out a trap but didn't have any luck for several weeks. The pigs like the roots much better than the corn in the trap. I was getting nervous cause there was fresh rooting around the garden fence a couple of nights ago. I sure didn't want to lose all the potato plants. The picture above shows how destructive the hogs are.
The first hog I ever saw on the place, and which turned out to be a regular, had a something wrong with his foot which caused him to limp when he ran. We nicknamed him Gimp. We saw him several times but were unable to catch him until a couple of nights ago.

The tusks are really large and nasty looking. He tried really hard to get out of the trap. He snapped off one of his teeth trying to chew his way out. His hair is standing straight up. He's trying to "charge" Marc.

And here he is after a bullet between the eyes. We called around trying to find anyone who wanted the meat, but no one wants an old male hog including us.


So what do you do with a 130 pound dead hog no one wants to eat? You let nature take its course. Lovely pic here with Marc dragging the hog with bluebonnets in the foreground....

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  1. OMGosh!!!!!!!!! I am glad you finally got that ugly devil. I can't believe that Mark actually looked go guy!!