Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One step closer to being done

The stair railings are finally done!! As with everything else, we changed our minds a couple of times on what materials we'd use for the stairs. I wanted iron but decided it was too "fancy" for our house. We liked rustic peeled cedar logs, but couldn't find anyone who could install them. We finally decided on milled cedar. The railing and balusters are cedar (and smell so good) and the trim in ponderosa pine and aspen. The landing has tongue & groove ponderosa pine.


  1. Love the blog - makes me want to bake bread (well, kinda!). I followed your profile link to Dana's blog. What a amazing thing she and Mike are doing with those kids of theirs. I didn't think anyone by me (and Jenny, at my insistence) had read Alas Babylon and to find a reference on your profile - too much! Happy Holidays! Kathy

  2. One more thing - your house is beautiful. You guys did a terrific job. Kathy