Friday, January 13, 2017

Hand Made Bath Tea

One of the home made Christmas presents I made this year was a "bath tea".  The teas can be made of various things, including milk.  The idea is to suspend the tea bag from the faucet while filling the tub, and/or drop one or more tea bags into the tub as it is filling.  My tea is made from botanicals, herbs, and essential oils.  I used dried calendula flowers and lavender buds (purchased from the health food store), dried rose petals, mint and clover blossoms harvested from my yard, and lavender essential oil.  I mixed up the ingredients, sprinkled on the essential oil and stored it in a jar for about a month to let the fragrance soak into all the plant products.

I had purchased the DIY tea bags at the health food store.  I bought them to make home made tea from my mint and clover blossoms.  Quite a few come in the package.  The tea bags come joined together, but perforated for easy separation.  One side is open for filling. They come with a little "tag" and string just like a regular tea bag.

Each tea bag is a regular size tea bag. The larger "family size" tea bags definitely would have been better for this purpose.  But it's what I had on hand...

So I stuffed each bag with as much tea as I could get in it.  I then heat sealed the open end.  I keep a cheap, 1 inch hair straightener in the kitchen for sealing mylar bags and other items.  After using these tea bags, I can see that I could have made my own using interfacing and stitch witchery to seal the edges, at a MUCH cheaper cost. That way I could have made the bags an size I wished.

I don't know how they worked out because I haven't received any feedback from the recipients.  These little tea bags would also be great to put in a drawer as a sachet.

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