Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Ready for Spring Gardening

We started our first seedlings in early January.  It didn't take long to run out of space.  I had tried to economize by buying the smaller seed trays (from Johnny's) but it became evident fairly quickly that I would have to repot them in peat pots as they outgrew the seed trays.  Annoying. 

Anyway, we have hundreds of seedlings growing nicely.  Keep your fingers crossed that they'll all grow in the garden!  Marc already tilled two of the three gardens so they're ready to hill up and plant. 

We can't wait to get started and get some fresh vegetables growing.  But wait we must.  We are used to a USDA zone 8-9 in Texas, in which gardening could be done year round.  It's a bit different here.  We're in zone 6B.  Without a good greenhouse, nothing can be grown outside in winter.  In Texas, potatoes were traditionally planted on Valentine's Day but here it's St. Patrick's Day - a full month later!


  1. Wow - we're in the same Zone? Cleveland is Zone 6, too. Basically, the "rule" here is don't plant tender veggies until Memorial Day! It will take some getting used to for you, I'm sure. If this winter ever ends. Kathy

  2. Yes it is much different here and will take some getting used to. I planted some Winter hardy veg last week - right before another Polar Vortex came thru and left 5-6" of sleet
    And snow on the ground.