Friday, September 20, 2013

Christening Outfits for Twins

Baby Girl's Christening Gown

I just finished an order for christening outfits for twins, made from their Mother's wedding gown. The gown was beautiful - white silk dupioni with a midriff section that featured embroidery, beadwork and pearls. It was so pretty! The gown had a small-ish train - chapel length maybe - which had quite a bit of dirt on it (as did other parts of the gown). So there wasn't a LOT of fabric to work with.

The Mother asked that the girl's bodice feature the beadwork and the little boy's romper feature the buttons from the back of her gown. 
Baby Boy's Romper

The back of the wedding gown had covered buttons all the way down to the bottom of the train, but what was really unique was that between every three buttons there was a little beadwork flower in place of a button. I used those details for the tops of the slippers.  The children's names are embroidered on the soles of the slippers also.

Baby Girl's Bonnet and Slippers

The little girl's slip was made from the lining of gown. I embroidered the baby's monogram on it. Other than some lace at the hem of the slip, everything I used on the outfits came from the wedding gown. I knew that I wouldn't find any silk ribbon in the local stores, so I made the sash at the waist from the dress fabric. I like it better than the ribbon.

Monogram on Slip

Just as that order went out in the mail, I received another wedding gown in the mail. Thankfully this order isn't for twins! 

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