Sunday, July 31, 2011

Country Kitchen

Here are some pics of our kitchen. I realize I've never posted any before now.

I love the design of the vent hood. There's a ledge like a fireplace mantel so I can display platters or whatnot. I have a large platter that Liz made for me which I display in the fall - it's a turkey. I keep meaning to buy a neat rooster platter at Hobby Lobby, but I'm too cheap to spend the money, even at half price.

The bar is great for eating dinner, preparing foods or cutting out patterns. It's about 48" wide. The wood below is tongue and groove aspen.

In this pic you can see the wicker baskets which slide out. They have a plastic liner which keeps everything clean. They're perfect for onions and potatoes. The cabinet above houses (some of my) cookbooks. Initially I was going to have a plate rack in this cabinet, but I realized I needed the space for cookbooks. I LOVE the trim on this cabinet. It's the same as the front of the vent hood. I searched online to find it. It matches my china cabinet. Yours truly installed all the trim and painted the cabinets.


  1. Hi Tracy, I love your kitchen! Especially the vent hood with the ledge. I would love to have one like that. And I am so impressed that you installed the trim and painted the cabinets. Wow.

  2. Wow - your kitchen is so nice. Makes me want to remodel....sort of! :)