Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where DOES the time go?

It's been six weeks since I posted anything - I've just been SO busy. So what have I been doing?? Well, to start with, Stephanie and I started a business - Journey Baby Boutique - and have been busy with that. We're going to craft shows selling baby items, most of which we make ourselves - burp cloths, bibs, hair bows/barettes, diaper bags & tote bags, diaper wipe cases, nursing covers, diapers, and more! Check out our blog:
We attended our first craft show last weekend and it went great! Journey went along and was perfect of course! She drew in the crowds! We monogrammed lots of items on the spot and that kept us busy. We'll be at the Scarecrow Festival next weekend. Our booth will be next to Mary's, which is called Beads & Bling. Savanah is wearing one of her necklaces in the picture I posted in August (my last post).

YEARS ago, when Stephanie was a baby, Dana and I made some crafty stuff and went to some craft fairs, including the Scarecrow Festival. I took a "playpen" (that word is no longer fashionable, now they're called Pack & Play) for Stephanie and she went along too. I was into ceramics back in those days. Dana made wreaths and dried arrangements. We sold baked goods too - that was back before you had to worry about getting a commercial food license.

What else has been going on - we turned the back screened porch into a mudroom and SEWING ROOM!!! Well, it's not 100% finished, but getting there. I can't wait to have a dedicated craft room, what a luxury! The mud room is going to be nice too - with cabinets for more storage! I'll post pics soon.

Marc started a new batch of chicks. When the salmonella outbreak was on the news, people were beating a path to our door for eggs. It was crazy. So we decided it was time for more layers. We sold all the ducks - even Daffy - they were just too smelly & nasty - they poop all the time.

In addition to all the fun stuff, my company has been acquired by a bigger competitor and while I thankfully still have a job, I will have to move to another location which means a MUCH longer commute. I think I will start taking the bus again at that point.

I think that about sums up all the highlights for now.

Here are some recent pics of Rylan:

At summer camp - amateur archaeologist.

Here's Rylan and her Daddy, who is also her soccer coach, at practice.

Rylan's FIRST DAY of FIRST GRADE! I can still remember when her Mother went to first grade - she looked so much like Rylan.
Navasota recently had Homecoming and Journey and her Mommy went. Journey's wearing a sundress embroidered (by Grandma of course) with a sparkly diamond with a drill team dancer in the center and "Future Diamonette". You can't see her little bloomers, but her name is embroidered on them, all in Rattler Blue! Stephanie was a Diamonette (so was Liz), so maybe Journey will want to be one someday. She has a matching hair bow. Not shown in this pic is her corsage - too cute! I didn't go to the game (if it involves sports, I'm not interested), but I hear tell that Journey was passed around like a football, so I probably wouldn't have been able to hold her if I had gone.

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  1. Oh my gosh - I remember doing one (or more) of those craft fairs with you guys! I made some hand-painted Christmas ornaments. They were pretty awful. I still have several of them. Obviously, they weren't big sellers! Cute kids. K