Saturday, August 22, 2009

Apparently blogging isn't one of my strong points...

Jeannie just pointed out that I haven't updated my blog in about 6 weeks... OK, here's the quick update.

July 15th I had a hysterectomy and I've been off work since that time recuperating. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Frank and Liz and Rylan had vacations planned to come and visit. Since their tickets were bought and paid for, they came for a visit anyway. Liz, Caroline and Rylan stayed in the camper and Stephanie and Frank in the loft. Liz and Rylan stayed 6 days. Stephanie and Frank's visit was to last 3 weeks. Caroline took off 3 weeks to spend time visiting with everyone.

Rylan absolutely LOVED helping "PA" with the farm chores! She got to drive the tractor, collect eggs, feed the chickens, ducks and the pig!

Stephanie and Frank's vacation was to end August 19, but due to complications with her pregnancy, she is staying here and Frank will be returning Sept. 30. Several friends and family gave Stephanie and Frank a baby shower and I'll post pictures of that soon.......
I've really been enjoying being at home. I don't know HOW I will be able to go back to work - how can I take a nap??? I have been sewing during my "convalescence" and have enjoyed that. I think now I need an embroidery machine! Stephanie and I have been thinking of all the things that we could embroider for the baby!
Stephanie decided she would learn to sew while Frank was in Qatar and is making diapers. We'll post pics of that project when complete!

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  1. Tracy - you look great! Like you did when you were a kid. Speaking of kids, I think I have pictures of Stephanie and she looks exactly like Rylan (hoping that's the child on your lap!?!). I need to send them all to you. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your enforced vacation. I enjoy reading about your chickens and stuff. Keep posting! Kathy